“Want to go on an adventure?!” is a common saying in our house. Hurley, our (rotten) Puggle loved making new friends and being with his pack! Whether on a walk, at the dog park, or a play-date at a friend’s house – socialization and love are key to any dog’s success. Adventures were a part of our daily routine for our little adventure seeker. Being around other dogs taught him how to socialize, play nice, and to respect boundaries. It also allowed him the opportunity to leave my side and meet new people, which is super important in building confidence!

It was important for me to model Adventure Awaits around how I would want my own dogs taken care of. Adventure Awaits offers a safe, friendly, professional, and fun place for your little adventure seeker to be themselves! They will be partnered up with dogs that have similar personalities and are close in size. Our incredible team is trained in dog behavior, body language, group play, and specializes in all breeds, helping to ensure your dog has the best time ever each time they are here!

Our facility is all indoors, which keeps pups safe from the cold and very hot Sacramento weather. We keep it cool in the summer and toasty in the winter – keeping everyone comfortable at all times.

Your pup will enjoy playtime in our indoor play yards with rest and nap times throughout the day. Rest is SUPER important for dogs of all ages. We don’t want them overdoing it physically or mentally – helping them make smart choices is key. During nap times, your pup will enjoy resting on comfy beds and blankets with access to water at all times. Our team LOVES music and we always have great sleepy time music playing for them, helping them relax before their next play session (my favorite playlist is our 80s love jams).

If you are new to the world of dog daycare or maybe your pup attends daycare and it just feels like something is missing (we hear this a lot), come and check us out! Our fun and loving team, clean facility, sense of community, professionalism, and passion for dogs is clear – you and your pup won’t be disappointed!

❤️ Hugs and kisses!

– Jen

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